Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Online Store (B2C)


Any transaction carried out through our website www.karunstore.cl will be subject to the Terms and Conditions established in this document, under the legal regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Chile, with special attention to the Laws 19,496 Protection of Consumer rights and 19,628 Protection of Privacy.

With this, we guarantee the rights of our clients and consumers in every purchase they make through our portal. 


Tejido Sustentable SpA will not request personal or financial information from our clients or consumers through emails or other written means.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the customer will receive a purchase confirmation email along with the order number, with which they can track their transaction. 


To make a purchase through our site www.karunstore.cl, the customer can previously register and enter their secret key, which will be a requirement for all future purchases. The customer may also make purchases as a guest, but data will still be required to manage the order.

The information registered by our clients will be treated confidentially, and will be used exclusively to manage the sale, dispatch and sending of offers and information about our products.

The client will have the right to request their registration information, modify, delete or cancel their account at any time they deem appropriate, on our website www.karunstore.cl. To do this you must contact us using our form.

Information will be sent by email, unless the client specifies that they do not wish to be contacted, based on their right described in article 28 B of Law 19,496 Protection of Consumer Rights.

We recommend that our clients be the first to protect the confidentiality of their data, which is why we ask not to disclose it, and thus avoid fraud or malicious use by third parties.


Customers may make purchases on our website www.karunstore.cl with the following payment methods:

  1. Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International or American Express bank credit cards, which are subscribed to Webpay or Mercado Pago.
  2. Bank debit cards included in the Redcompra® system, which are subscribed to Webpay or Mercado Pago

The aspects related to the operation of the cards mentioned above are subject to the contracts maintained between the client and the issuing Bank.

Payment data will be stored securely in Transbank or Mercado Pago and will only be associated with the customer's account.

www.karunstore.cl no dejará registro los datos de la tarjeta bancaria.


The products published on the website have a reference photo of the product, which may present differences with the final product delivered, in view of this the customer has the right to retract their purchase, with the consequent refund of the money. The products on the website are not necessarily the same as those in the stores and/or fairs in which Tejido Sustentable SpA participates.

The discounts and prices published on our website apply only to purchases made successfully at www.karunstore.cl

All discounts apply during limited time and stock, unless otherwise indicated.

The prices offered through this channel do not necessarily correspond to those published in physical stores, so www.karunstore.cl reserves the right to manage differentiated prices from the rest of the company, in the online store.

For promotions of specific products or categories, other promotions or offers should not be considered.

The cost or value of the shipment will be reported in the shopping cart, which will be determined once the place of shipment, weight and volume of the purchase are entered. Shipping charges are borne by the buyer.

In the case of in-store pickup, a shipping cost for the customer is not considered.


Karunstore.cl reserves the right to cancel the commercial transaction due to lack of confirmation from Transbank of the payment of the purchase, and it is the customer's responsibility to make the respective queries with their Bank executive. Fabric Sustentable SpAis not responsible for non-payment by Transbank. 


If the order has not been delivered within the committed period, the customer will have the right to reject the order and request a full refund of the money, by means of a credit note and subsequent bank transfer. Or, request the cancellation of the purchase through the contact form.


In the event of stock out of one or more products of an order, the company will contact the customer via email or telephone to request bank details and thus refund the product out of stock, within a period of no more than 10 business days. 


The delivery time will be specified in the shopping cart and will vary depending on whether it is home delivery or store pickup, in addition to the logistical capacity of the moment.

Home delivery will be made directly to the address indicated in the purchase order or to the required store as appropriate.

The defined dispatch schedules are:

- Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

- Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (business days) depending on the transportation itinerary.

If on the delivery date the client is not at home or at the delivery location, a visit notice will be left and the customer will only visit a second time.

Reception must be carried out by a person of legal age, to prove compliant reception. In the event that the product is received by a third party (relatives, home advisor, janitors, butler, etc.), and they agree to the receipt of the product, we will understand that it was received in accordance.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the product upon receipt. Any situation after compliant receipt will be your sole responsibility, except for observations made in writing in the delivery documents and those manufacturing defects that, due to their nature, can only be detected later. In case of disagreement, the customer must reject the product at the time of delivery, indicating their reasons, in addition to their name and RUT on the shipping guide.

Deliveries made by COURIER will have a claim time of 24 hours, to effectively return the product in case of damage. After the indicated time, we are not responsible for transport damages.

When withdrawing from the store, the customer declares that the product received corresponds to the one purchased and if this is not the case, it must be registered at the time of withdrawal and the solution will be managed in the same store depending on the case. 


"Consumers have the right to warranty on new products that are defective or not suitable for normal use"

The customer has 90 days from the date of receipt of the purchase, as indicated in Law 19,496 Protection of Consumer Rights. In case of extended warranties, the latter will prevail. Any product exchange or return must be made with the document that proves your purchase (receipt, invoice or shipping guide). To make the return and guarantee effective, the product must be in perfect condition, unused, have its original packaging, seals not removed, all its accessories, manuals and warranty policies. Products that require installation or assembly cannot have been previously installed or assembled. If the product has been shipped, returns will only be made for the amount of the product, that is, the value of the shipment is excluded, since it has already been managed. If the customer requires an exchange or return, they must make a request to contacto@karunstore.cl


The user who makes a purchase online will have a period of 10 days to terminate the contract concluded by electronic means from the moment they receive the product or from the moment they contract the service, before it is provided.

To exercise this right you must use the same means that you used to conclude the contract and provided that karunstore.cl has sent you communication that the contract has been perfected, a full copy, clear, understandable and unequivocal access to the general conditions of the contract and the possibility of store or print them.

If Karunstore.cl has not complied with sending the aforementioned written communication, the period will be extended to 90 days.

This right cannot be exercised when the property, the subject of the contract, has deteriorated due to an event attributable to the consumer.

If the good or service was obtained through credit, this is void but the interest is borne by the consumer when it has been granted by a third party.

Karunstore.cl will have the obligation to return the sums paid, without withholding expenses, and as soon as possible and, in any case, within 45 days of notification of the retract. In the case of services, the refund will only include those amounts paid that do not correspond to services already provided on the date of withdrawal. You must return the packaging elements, user manuals, boxes, protection elements and any other element that came with the good in good condition.


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