About the Artist

Artista textil en Karün Store

Stephany is the owner and artist behind Karün Store, she is a creative, curious and diverse soul. Her love of art and science has been an integral part of her life from an early age. In 2019, as a new mother and at a time of pause in her professional career, she was looking for something more than a source of income: she was looking for a space to channel her creativity and face her new life experience.
It was at this moment that Karün Store was born, a reunion with the knots she had learned in her adolescence, taking them to a new level in the form of works of textile art and decoration. Although she is a biologist by profession and is currently pursuing a PhD in ecology, Stephany has found in textile art a way to express her creativity and emotions. Her commitment to sustainability, creation from the heart and consciousness are fundamental pillars of her artistic work.

About Karün Store



Our fundamental mission is to enrich lives through the creation and dissemination of macramé textile art. We offer unique works and personalized pieces that connect with the essence and worldview of each individual. Guided by creativity and a deep commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to preserving and revitalizing textile art in its various manifestations.
We seek to transcend borders and generations, connecting people through art. Well, we firmly believe that art is essential to balance life, whether practicing it or enjoying textile works in your spaces, and we work tirelessly to make this experience unforgettable.


Karün Store is seen as a source of inspiration and an outstanding reference in Chilean textile art. Our vision is to promote the beauty and authenticity of each woven work, transcending cultural and geographic borders to share the magic of textile art with the world. We deeply believe in the power of art as a tool to balance life and we are committed to bringing that experience to every corner, building bridges between ancestral techniques and creative innovation.