Tutorial macramé: Llavero corazón

Macrame tutorial: Heart keychain

Only for lovers of Macramé

"Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared" Saint Exupery. 

Today, on the day when love is celebrated, we begin our blog by sharing with you one of the things we love, macramé. Stephy, our founder and highly experienced macramera, teaches you how to weave this beautiful heart-shaped keychain, so that your loved one will always carry it with them. 


To knit your keychain you will need:

- 3mm combed rope: 6 strips 80cm long. In the photo, the red is wild rose, the pink is pastel pink and the ecru is natural from the Bobbiny brand.  

- Carabiner for 13 mm key ring.

- Scissors. For my macrame projects I use the 18 cm Prym Love.


And here is the video where you can see the complete step by step:



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