Tejiendo Amor: Crea tu Propio Posavasos en Forma de Corazón

Weaving Love: Create Your Own Heart Shaped Coaster

This macrame tutorial is all about love and creativity - we'll show you how to make an adorable heart-shaped coaster that will add a lovely touch to your table. A touch of love woven into every knot!

This coaster is not only functional but also versatile. Use it to support your favorite cup of coffee or as a charming base for a candle. We knit it in ecru, but feel free to explore other shades that suit your style.


For this project, you will only need 3mm cord:
- 12 x 80 cm
- 2 x 15 cm

Also, scissors and a support or cork board with spikes. 

Step by step:

We invite you to watch the full tutorial below and immerse yourself in the magical world of macramé. Happy knotting! 

Once you complete your heart-shaped coaster, don't forget to share it with us on social media. We'd love to see your creativity come to life.

This tutorial is just the beginning. Explore our Blog to discover more tutorials and our Patterns and Kits section for more projects full of love and creativity!

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