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Macrame rope guide: twisted, braided or combed?

What type of rope do I need for my project? 

If you are starting out in the world of macramé, you have surely asked yourself this question. And it is thatThere are many rope options to choose from in terms of composition, thickness and arrangement of the strands that make it up. So we prepared this guide to help you.

Not all ropes twist in the same way, and in this first part we are going to focus on that characteristic to talk about The 3 types of rope most used for decorative macramé in Chile: twisted, combed and braided rope.


Twisted rope of 3 strands: 

It is the most universal rope used in macramé, especially for decorative items.

cuerda torcida macrame Bobbiny

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There are a variety of colors to choose from.

This rope is made up of a set of strands or ends that twist together, winding them into a spiral. Each strand is made up of a different number of threads, depending on the manufacturer. 

The common thing is 2 to 4 strands, but depending on the final thickness and the use for which the rope is intended, the number of strands varies. Here at Karün Store we have 3 ropes, the one with 2 ropes is usually of low quality and the one with 4 ropes is difficult to find, there are few colors and is usually very rigid.

The 3-strand twisted rope is highly recommended for beginners, because it withstands the action of undoing knots well. In addition, it has no flexibility, which makes it easier for all the knots to be more or less the same even though you do not always exert the same tension when tying. Although the latter also depends on the quality of the rope.

It provides body and a rustic touch to the pieces.  

You can make fringes with it, although it is necessary to apply extra treatment so that the strands remain combed over time.

It is the heaviest


Braided rope:

Originally designed for crocheting, but today it is very common to see it in macramé projects. 

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It is of premium quality and comes in different thicknesses and colors.

It is commonly identified ascordon . Its threads are worked in such a way that they generate a tubular braid with multiple strands. It is easy to recognize it because it is the only one that is woven.

It is the rope most recommended for beginners, because it is the one that withstands the action of undoing knots the most without deteriorating. It is also very flexible, so it will be easier to handle than the twisted one, especially if you use a high thickness.

A big plus point is that it can be machine washed. So I highly recommend it for objects that require greater cleaning.

The biggest drawback is that you cannot make fringes.

It gives body to the pieces, especially if it has "soul", that is, if it has filling. This filling can be made ofcotton or polyester.  

Here at Karün Store we work with and recommend Bobbiny braided rope for its quality, softness and cotton soul.


Cotton combed yarn: 

The softest and fluffiest of all ropes. 

cuerda peinada macrame Bobbiny
If you want to buy combed rope, you can do so here
We have different thicknesses, weights, quality and colors.

This single-strand rope is composed of a variable number of threads on which a gentle twist is exerted. 

Of all of them, it is the least recommended for beginners because it doesn't hold up well to action. to undo knots without deteriorating. In addition, it is the most sensitive to the friction typical of tying and how its The twist is slight, it can come undone even while you are knotting, so its use requires a little more technique.

No it is a flexible rope.

Of the 3 types of strings mentioned here, it is the one that provides the least body to the pieces.

If you wet it It will change its texture, so it is not recommended to wash it. For this reason, it is more suitable for pieces that you can maintain only by lightly shaking or vacuuming. 

It is the perfect rope for fringes and fluffy finishes.


Where to buy macrame rope?

Here in our online store you find a variety of cotton ropes for your macrame projects, all of high quality and with many colors to choose from. 

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